buy chemical compounds and Chemicals intermediates

buy chemical compounds and Chemicals intermediates

buy chemical compounds
buy chemical compounds and Chemicals intermediates

buy chemical compounds Many studies and analyzes around the world make it possible to identify all kinds of “coupage products”, but it must be kept in mind that the most specialized laboratories can only identify molecules known and referenced in their databases. buy chemical compounds  Moreover, these will always be incomplete, new substances constantly appearing. Law enforcement agencies strive to analyze all components for reasons of chain traceability, but these techniques are very expensive. As for research on products collected from users by the OFDT, they are limited to the content of psychoactive products.Chemicals intermediates

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Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, a very reliable technique generally used, makes it possible to identify a wide spectrum of psychoactive chemical compounds Other methods, such as thin layer chromatography (TLC) are indicative or presumptive, such as “testing” with Marquis’ reagent4. The detection of inert materials – talc, plaster… – is paradoxically very expensive5 because it is complex and therefore only carried out in the event of proven health issues.

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Chemicals intermediates The “shit” (cannabis resin or hashish) arouses many fantasies as to its adulteration. In the countries of production, such as Morocco, we find various qualities ranging from pollen to resin.Rumors also mention the addition of motor oil and/or medication, but we did not find any significant chemical compounds In 2005, the OFDT analyzed several hundred cannabis samples collected from consumers as part of Sintes and found no other psychoactive product (which does not mean that it never happens).

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Urban myths have sometimes carried rumors about hashish with unusual effects cut with opiates, cocaine, even LSD, “to better hook consumers”. buy chemical compounds If these drugs were sometimes detected, they were generally minute traces coming from accidental contact with hands or packaging.Chemicals intermediates

  1. Stimulants Can Cause A Brain Imbalance

Voluntary adulteration would be an economically and pharmacologically ineffective aberration, given the quantities and preparations necessary to provide an effect when smoked, not to mention the price of these drugs. buy chemical compounds

However, “opium hashish” really existed. It was the famous “Black Bombay”, consisting of a resin pressed with “dross”, an ashy residue of smoked opium from Bombay dens, the last of which closed in the 1980s.

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In 2006 appeared varieties of marijuana containing tiny “sharp pieces of glass” (actually microparticles). This kind of operation can weigh down the weed by up to 30% and give it an iridescent appearance that makes it look like very resinous varieties.Radical anti-prohibitionists create a buzz by evoking deaths and serious accidents (cuts and lesions of the esophagus and lungs) among certain smokers, the fault lies with the legislation which confines the product underground. In reality, there were no deaths and the origin of the lung problems in question remains controversial.

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Ecstasy (or MDMA) is probably the drug about which the most rumors peddle. Like tablet medications, ecstasy pills are mixed with excipients, usually neutral, which provide the chemical compounds

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Thousands of tablets have been analyzed in France for more than ten years. The many analyzes carried out within the framework of SINTES have sometimes made it possible to identify worrying products such as atropine, but not major toxins that could be described as chemical compounds  The presence of amphetamine, sometimes detected but rarely in significant quantities, should however be considered because the mixture could increase the neurotoxicity of MDMA.Chemicals intermediates But most of the “speed” or “bad descent” effects that users complain about are due to abuse or repeated grips. The main risks relate to excessive consumption and very random levels of MDMA ranging from a few milligrams to 150 mg, the average being around 40 mg7.


More than half of all amphetamine seizures in 2007 contained less than 10% of the drug, and even less is often found in user samples (around 5%). Caffeine is the most frequently added product (approx. 60% of cases), but there is also paracetamol. The “speed gras” generally contains stearin from which the candles are made. It is sometimes simply window putty rolled in chloroquine (for bitterness) with sometimes a hint of real speed to lure the Marquis test.

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